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How can you give away all your profits?


The company has two missions, to sell great pot and to help right the wrongs of the war on drugs. The two are intertwined. This is a business. First and foremost Ben’s Best  has to have a great product. If we have a great product we will grow. The more we grow, the more power we will have to right the wrongs of the war on drugs. 


BEN’S BEST BLNZ (B3) is actually incorporated in the state of Vermont as a non profit organization. As a non profit, we are required to use our profits to accomplish our mission of righting the wrongs of the war on drugs. The start up funding was provided by a no interest loan which we are paying back over time. B3 licenses our formulas, packaging, trademarks, and marketing materials to for profit businesses in exchange for a royalty. All of those royalties minus expenses are used to right the wrongs of the war on drugs as outlined on the Social Mission page.



What’s the best way to store B3 cannabis?


The best way to store our pot, or any pot that’s got a decent amount of terpenes is in your refrigerator. Terpenes– especially the ones that influence mood are volatile. That means that they evaporate easily. Keeping them cold slows the evaporation rate.



I tried a particular effect, but it did not have the effect I expected. What up?


There are many factors that determine how you feel when you smoke pot. Some of them are:


  • Your frame of mind(set)
  • Your surroundings (setting)
  • Your body’s endocannabinoid system
  • The presence of other substances in your body


B3 SloSmokes are formulated to consistently evoke 5 different effects. But every body is different. When we were developing our blends, we used a panel of testers to tell us what feelings a particular batch evoked in them. Of course, there was a range. The majority of testers reported the effects that are indicated on the package. But there were some outliers that reported different effects.


If you’re not feeling what you expected to, you might be an outlier – which is not a bad thing. Just different. So you might want to try a different SloSmoke to get the effect you want. Once you find the one that’s right for you, you can count on it. Because our blending process makes sure that each batch of a particular effect is consistent.Are all of your products lower in THC?
No. Our HiTest Buds are high in THC. And our vapes are in the 60 – 70% THC range.



Are all of your products lower in THC? 


No. Our HiTest Buds are high in THC. And our vapes are in the 60 – 70% THC range.